Sleeptime! Having Trouble? Let me help….! 

audio guided healings and meditation 

Do you find it difficult to Sleep? Waking up at night?

“Live channelled” Improved Sleep through 3 Guided Healing Meditations –

Download the mP3 audio files that will help you back on the road to better sleep at night.  The number one challenge is a body full of toxins, virus, pathogens and build up of stress, angst and inability to access the higher Self (sublime) realms of consciousness for a good nights’ sleep.

The audio files of Energy healing through guided meditation are “live channelled” with incredible healing and purification to your energy bodies and physical/etheric liver, pancreas, adrenals, thyroid and more.  A brain cleansing and balancing plus a journey to your Higher Inner Temple for a good night sleep is all within this offering!

Order now – $45 –  (can be sent to you upon receipt of etransfer to or you can pay via PayPal using VISA/MC and you will receive download link

Have a great sleep!  cleanse and be free of disturbance !

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Opening Talk – 11.03 min. , File 2 – Liver/Thyroid Cleanse – 17.37 min., File 3 – Night time cleanse – 13.30 min, File 4 – Going to your Inner Temple for the Night – 7.05 min.